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AMERICAN STANDS CORPORATION |   EMPLOYER IDENTIFICATION NUMBER 98-0554572 | BUSINESS CODE NUMBER AS PER FEDERAL RETURN 541990 Business Card of a New Global Business Products: ready-made modular information stands (registered trade mark NATIONAL®). Patents for inventions: Russia, USA, other countries. Uniqueness: no analogues in the world!   1. Features, specific characteristics, benefits: - Ready-made, picturesque, a wide...
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Class school stand

Class school stand, NATIONAL , super! For the the size of children drawings from 8x10.5 to 16x21 inches US, board, book, chalk, chalkboard, class, classroom, college, education, elementary, female, friend, high, homework, al, indoor, indoors, inside, instruct, instructor, Junior, knowledge, learn, people, Person, point, primary, school, schooling, schoolroom, stand, teach, teacher, training, understand, university, work
7670 руб./шт.
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Наклейка для эконом-галерей USA mix

Poster USA mix.  Vinyl "America!" Виниловая панарамная наклейка для стенд-галерей USA mix
800 руб./шт.
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Stand of School USA, National

Stand of School  National Board, book, chalk, chalkboard, class, classroom 230$ Kids Art Gallery NATIONAL  300$
6500 руб./шт.
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Stand-Gallery "My fairy America"

Stand-Gallery "My fairy America" - Information Stand for Kindergarten. For the the size of children drawings from 8x10.5 to 16x21 inches. In the information booth: length 160, height 50 inches Vinyl stickers "Clouds and Sun"
9230 руб./шт.
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Stand Information Module

Modular information stand "National". Stand "Airplane" In the photo stand with a set of objects holders, jewelry. Stand Information National, assembly instructions. Business lot manufacturer information stands - the company "National", Moscow
3120 руб./шт.
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Kids Art Display

Kids Art Display NATIONAL
250 руб./шт.
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Poster US | Information stand NATIONAL, for the classroom USA

Poster | Information stand NATIONAL for the classroom USA
520 руб./шт.
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Picture of "Flag Day USA". Design classrooms in elementary school Flag Day USA (stand, pictures, decorations school)

Picture of "Flag Day USA" Design classrooms in elementary school Flag Day USA ( stand NATIONAL , pictures, decorations school)
39 руб./шт.
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A4, poster, Cleaning Schedule

A4 poster Cleaning Schedule Cleaning Schedule, A4 size horizontal
39 руб./шт.
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Preparation of school holiday "Flag Day USA"

Preparation of school holiday "Flag Day USA" Design classrooms, Flag Day USA: stand, pictures, decorations. School stand NATIONAL with pictures OUR CLASS .   For school competitions for the best holiday decoration. For the 15-20 Images of primary school children
1 руб./шт.
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Patent USA for an invention stand

Patent US 8,100,270B2 for an invention stand
1 руб./шт.
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Russian Patent for an invention unit information stand

A patent for an invention Russia modular information stand
1 руб./шт.
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A patent for an invention of South Africa

South African patent for an invention unit information stand
1 руб./шт.